Safety in the Workplace eLearning course



This online eLearning course provides 6-hours of Professional Development – with a certificate of completion provided at the end of the learning experience.

About the Safety in the Workplace online training

Health and safety training is essential in every workplace. Every year, workplace accidents, injuries, and the absence of a safety culture cost corporations and other organizations millions of dollars and contribute to lost work hours.

These incidents also have a profound impact on workers and their families. With this comprehensive courseware, trainers will introduce the concept of a safety culture, where safety is valued as an integral part of an organization’s operation, along with providing the foundation to start building an effective safety culture.

In this course, participants will learn about:

  • The difference between a safety program and a safety culture
  • How to launch a safety committee
  • How to identify hazards and reduce them
  • Hiring measures that can improve safety
  • How to identify groups with an increased risk of injury, and how to protect them
  • How to write, implement, and review a safety plan
  • How to respond to incidents and near misses
  • The basics of accident investigation and documentation

Safety in the Workplace is a comprehensive training materials package that can easily be downloaded and customized. Courseware customization could include adding a section on safety legislation for your particular region and industry.

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Course Outline 

  1. Session One: Course Overview
  2. Session Two: Defining a Safety Culture
  3. Session Three: Governing Bodies and Resources
  4. Session Four: Getting Started
  5. Creating a Safety Committee
  6. The Safety Committee’s First Meeting
  7. Session Five: Identifying Hazards
  8. The Hazard Identification Process
  9. Hazard Identification for the Acme Widget Company
  10. Session Six: Resolving Hazards
  11. The Three Methods
  12. Hazard Resolution for the Acme Widget Company
  13. Session Seven: Taking Proactive Measures
  14. Hiring for Safety
  15. Safety Training
  16. Session Eight: Identifying Groups at Risk
  17. Session Nine: Writing a Safety Plan
  18. Session Ten: Implementing the Plan
  19. Session Eleven: Incident Management
  20. Case Study
  21. Responding to Incidents
  22. Documenting Incidents
  23. Investigating Incidents
  24. Near Misses
  25. Session Twelve: Reviewing the Program
  26. Recommended Reading List
  27. Post-Course Assessment
  28. Pre- and Post-Assessment Answer Keys
  29. Personal Action Plan


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