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This online eLearning course provides 6-hours of Professional Development – with a certificate of completion provided at the end of the learning experience.

About the Microsoft 365 Teams online training

Microsoft 365 Teams is a chat-based collaboration tool for the office that gives groups the ability to communicate and collaborate in a cohesive way.

This course is intended to help all users get started with Teams, use messages and channels, communicate in different ways, and customize Teams settings. By the end of this course, users should be comfortable using the Teams app in their day-to-day workflow.

Course participants will learn how to use the Teams interface, communicate using channels, use other communication tools such as chat, audio and video calls, how to customize channels, how to manage the Teams profile, and how to add bots and apps, and more.

This course includes new features and updates of Microsoft 365 Teams that took place in April 2020.

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Course Outline 

  1. About This Course
  2. Course Prerequisites
  3. Course Overview
  4. Course Objectives
  5. How to Use This Book
  6. Lesson 1: Getting Started
  7. TOPIC A: Getting Started with Microsoft Teams
  8. What is Microsoft Teams?
  9. Accessing Microsoft Teams
  10. The Microsoft Teams Interface
  11. Creating a New Team
  12. Adding Members to Your Team
  13. Changing Teams
  14. Leaving a Team
  15. Using Microsoft Teams Mobile Apps
  16. Activity 1-1: Getting Started with Microsoft Teams
  17. TOPIC B: Using Channels
  18. About Channels
  19. Viewing Channels
  20. Creating a Channel
  21. Pinning a Channel
  22. Modifying Channel Notifications
  23. Activity 1-2: Using Channels
  24. TOPIC C: Posting Messages
  25. Posting a Message
  26. Expanding the Compose Box
  27. Editing a Message
  28. Replying to a Message
  29. Adding Files to a Message
  30. Deleting a Message
  31. Activity 1-3: Posting Messages
  32. TOPIC D: Getting Help with Microsoft Teams
  33. Using the Help Center
  34. Viewing New Features
  35. Viewing Keyboard Shortcuts
  36. Using Slash Commands
  37. Activity 1-4: Getting Help with Microsoft Teams
  38. Summary
  39. Review Questions
  40. Lesson 2: Communicating in Channels
  41. TOPIC A: Managing Messages
  42. Identifying New Messages
  43. Marking Messages as Read and Unread
  44. Reacting to a Message
  45. Saving a Message
  46. Activity 2-1: Managing Messages
  47. TOPIC B: Doing More with Messages
  48. Using Mentions
  49. Using Announcements
  50. Viewing Your Activity
  51. Searching in Teams
  52. Activity 2-2: Doing More with Messages
  53. TOPIC C: Managing Files in a Channel
  54. Viewing Posted Files
  55. Creating a New File
  56. Uploading a File
  57. Managing Files
  58. Moving Files
  59. Adding Cloud Storage
  60. Activity 2-3: Managing Files in a Channel
  61. TOPIC D: Using the Wiki
  62. Viewing the Wiki
  63. Creating Wiki Content
  64. Creating Sections and Pages
  65. Navigating Through the Wiki
  66. Accessing Section Options
  67. Accessing Page Options
  68. Activity 2-4: Using the Wiki
  69. Summary
  70. Review Questions
  71. Lesson 3: Using Other Communication Tools
  72. TOPIC A: Using Chat
  73. Starting a Chat
  74. Replying to a Chat Message
  75. Continuing a Chat
  76. Adding Other Users to the Chat
  77. Using Chat Message Features
  78. Overview of Chat Tabs
  79. Managing Chats
  80. Activity 3-1: Using Chat
  81. TOPIC B: Making Audio and Video Calls
  82. Using the Calls Tab
  83. Adding Contacts
  84. Starting an Audio Call
  85. Starting Audio or Video Calls from a Chat Message
  86. Video Calls
  87. Screen Sharing
  88. Activity 3-2: Making Audio and Video Calls
  89. TOPIC C: Managing Meetings Using the Teams Calendar
  90. Using the Calendar Tab
  91. Scheduling a Meeting
  92. Scheduling a Meeting from a Chat Message
  93. Editing a Meeting
  94. Joining a Meeting
  95. Cancelling a Meeting
  96. Activity 3-3: Managing Meetings
  97. TOPIC D: Managing Files in Teams
  98. Using the Files Tab in Teams
  99. Viewing Files
  100. Managing Files
  101. Adding and Managing Cloud Storage
  102. Activity 3-4: Managing Files in Teams
  103. Summary
  104. Review Questions
  105. Lesson 4: Customizing Channels
  106. TOPIC A: Customizing Channels
  107. Renaming a Channel
  108. Accessing the Channel Email Address and Link
  109. Accessing the Team’s SharePoint Page
  110. Deleting a Channel
  111. Activity 4-1: Customizing Channels
  112. TOPIC B: Adding Tabs to a Channel
  113. Adding a Tab
  114. Using Tab Conversations
  115. Renaming a Tab
  116. Removing a Tab
  117. Activity 4-2: Adding Tabs to a Channel
  118. TOPIC C: Adding Connectors to a Channel
  119. Adding a Connector
  120. Changing Connector Settings
  121. Changing Connector Accounts
  122. Removing a Connector
  123. Activity 4-3: Adding Connectors to a Channel
  124. Summary
  125. Review Questions
  126. Lesson 5: Customizing your Teams Experience
  127. TOPIC A: Managing Your Teams Profile
  128. Updating Your Profile Picture
  129. Changing Your Status
  130. Changing Your Teams Settings
  131. Logging Out of Teams
  132. Activity 5-1: Managing Your Teams Profile
  133. TOPIC B: Managing Teams
  134. Editing the Team
  135. Accessing Advanced Team Settings
  136. Managing Team Members
  137. Managing Channels
  138. Managing Settings
  139. Managing Analytics
  140. Managing Apps
  141. Deleting the Team
  142. Activity 5-2: Managing Teams
  143. TOPIC C: Adding Apps and Bots
  144. Opening the App Store
  145. Installing an App
  146. Using Apps
  147. Managing Apps
  148. Removing Apps
  149. Using Bots
  150. Activity 5-3: Adding Apps and Bots
  151. Summary
  152. Review Questions


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